Our World Economics

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: Why We Use the Term, "Third World"

"Thoughtful, thought provoking and fun. Our World Economics helps students to explore the many relationships between our planet's wealthiest and poorest nations with a sense of adventure and with respect."
Yisel Cabrera, Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute

"Exactly the materials that students need to be learning."
Paul Posner, Department of Government, Clark University

"Refreshing... Too often, economics can be such a heavy subject. This book makes economics approachable for students."
Leah Gannon, Middle School Teacher

"What a find!"
What a great product! It isn't often that you find an economics program for students that presents the issues of the developing world as thoroughly and interestingly as this one does. A welcome and needed addition to the rest of the western world economics curriculum out there. Every high school student should add this to their transcript. - K. Kargbo. Homeschooling Third-Culture Mom.

"This is a terrific book that provides a lively, comprehensive view of introductory economics. The videos introduce real-life case studies: a visit to a Latin American outdoor market to learn about international trade, a visit to an Amazonian nature preserve to discuss opportunity costs. The activities are innovative, fun and also thought provoking. Group projects, individual tasks, internet activities, an international trade game – Our World Economics offers a gamut of teaching devices. Instructions for teachers are great – carefully thought out – and there’s even a final exam and a glossary. All worksheets and activity pages can be photocopied for the entire class. A fun, innovative teaching device. The perfect way to introduce teens and tweens to economics. " - Ayo Heinegg, Teacher, Washington, D.C.

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